Wess Haubrich

Aug 3

A poem.

Source: Pinterest

Poetry Prompt № 6.


fleeting like a finch outside in a storm,

downright im-possible for me to sustain —

it runs like a cheetah after a gazelle in

the delirious wild, and dying desert — parched,


desperately needing

your power to heal my Nihilism;



bedevilment at



Aug 1

Poetry prompt № 5.

Source: WWMT.com


in the driver’s seat

every night…

Just like you

that frosted Dec. night

of your accident.

& that night you,

friend & brother,

devoured both barrels

of the feral, metallic

death machine.

(putting that beautiful mind through a thresher of brain matter and bone.)




Jul 24

“They don’t last long here.”

Can a Sunny Day EVER
eek through
The Storm inside My Head?
Patches of sun
amidst the constant rain
are so fleeting.

The Pills
don’t make the day Sunny.
They don’t even stop The Rain.
All they do
is act like a weak
& pathetically-made raincoat
made in some
Chinese or Indian sweatshop…



Wess Haubrich

Wess Haubrich

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