The Hook

A High School Tale

Wess Haubrich
3 min readMar 26, 2024

…the entire high school and surrounding community was in sheer amazement. She was so brave, so unshaken by her not one, not two, but THREE harrowing experiences.

While all the men in the high school were afraid of her, she was drop-dead gorgeous in her blonde locks and figure; a helluva woman, and the top of the popularity ladder at school.

She seemed to be moving along just fine despite the community being in mourning. Perhaps because all three had been first dates. All three of her dates were found dragged from the car and impaled with a large size hook or blade, their blood sucked dry. The police followed her 24/7 but found absolutely nothing. They weren’t sure if she was the target or her dates were.

She was covered in blood every time, but never was there any proof that she was involved. Police chalked it up to the escaped mental patient who must be residing somewhere in the surrounding hills, but couldn’t be found despite the US Marshals’ best efforts.

Was the killer stalking her or each of her boyfriends? After the third brutal death, the police put a tail on her wherever she went in her ’94 Mustang, fearing the escaped mental patient had his eye on her instead. She despised it and did her best to lose the tail whenever possible.



Wess Haubrich

Horror, crime, noir with a distinctly southwestern tinge. Staff writer, former contributing editor; occultist; anthropologist of symbols.