Cheyenne, Wyoming’s 33-year-old mystery of what happened to baby John Doe has a chance of being solved with new advances in DNA.

Baby John Doe’s grave. Source: Cowboy State Daily.

“Serial killer” has a surprisingly specific definition. It shouldn’t be used loosely.

Lessons from Henry Lee Lucas: Don’t take ’em all seriously. Verify first.

The case exposed glaring problems in forensic science and what happens when biases taint an investigation.

The city battled a monster; the Candy Man.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez allegedly ate parts and fed others to his dog.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez. Source:

The “Angel of Death” can be more than religious symbolism.

Reta Mays mugshot. Source:

Valerie Cincinelli, age 36, entered the plea Friday in a Long Island federal court.

Valerie Cincinelli. Source:

I. The Lead Up

The Church of the Sacrifice Murders are an oft-forgotten chapter of Louisiana history.

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