Wikimedia Commons.

You may have read here yesterday about French police shooting a 32-year-old man carrying remnants of a teenager with him.

Taranscon Le Chateau, Wikimedia Commons

Anthony and Nathaniel Cook represent the rarest of the rare in the annals of crime: sibling serial killers. Yet, what is most exceptional about this case is their motive…

(L-R) Nathaniel-Anthony Cook. Source: WTOL

Lessons from Henry Lee Lucas: Don’t take ’em all seriously. Verify first.

The case exposed glaring problems in forensic science and what happens when biases taint an investigation.

Cell picture of a hostage tied to a vehicle. Source: Twitter.

Fernandes and his three victims. Source: WPEC

Ramiya Johnson, source: the Smoking Gun

T-B: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

The suspect.FBI

So far, the unknown suspect has knocked over at least six banks throughout New Mexico since early July.

Wess Haubrich

Former Contributing editor … Host Real Monsters podcast. #crime , #truecrime

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