List: 10 films that fight the power this Fourth of July.

This July 4th, enjoy this selection of 10 films to help you get more in touch with the true spirit of America: resistance and fighting the power.

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Charlie Chaplin as Dictator Hynkel in 1940’s THE GREAT DICTATOR.
Edward R. Murrow’s final televised reply to Senator McCarthy, 1954.
Harvey Milk knew his chances of being assassinated were high, so he recorded a tape to only be played if that happened. Hear that recording above.
Tracy’s speech railing against fanaticism and ignorance.
“He wishes TO THINK!”
The unscripted slap which was controversial because it was a black actor slapping a white actor, which was essentially unseen till then. Poitier managed to convince Jewison to keep the slap in.
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From THE GREAT DICTATOR final speech.
Chaplin as dictator Adenoid Hynkel, quite obviously borrowing then exaggerating mannerisms from Hitler’s speech patterns.
At the end of THE GREAT DICTATOR. One of the most powerful speeches in all cinema.
Joy Mangano Miracle Mop infomercial from 1996.
Clip from 1984.

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