You may have read here yesterday about French police shooting a 32-year-old man carrying remnants of a teenager with him.

While shaking the proverbial journalistic research tree, your intrepid author has found reports of unspecified occult paraphernalia in the same space as where this sick, violent psychopath held the dead body of a 13-year-old boy.

It is in reading descriptions like that in the press, dear reader, that you are best served to be more skeptical about the report. …

Anthony and Nathaniel Cook represent the rarest of the rare in the annals of crime: sibling serial killers. Yet, what is most exceptional about this case is their motive…

From 1973 to 1981, sibling serial killers Anthony and Nathaniel Cook terrorized Toledo, Ohio with a string of violent crimes. The entire case would shock and bewilder the city’s residents…


Lessons from Henry Lee Lucas: Don’t take ’em all seriously. Verify first.

The tall drink of water with the Texas Ranger badge walked into the interrogation room. He sat across the table from the unassuming little man who lived to please anyone he perceived as an alpha. The media dubbed him, “the Confession Killer.”

Unlike some of the small-town detectives who made the trip from out of state to talk to his prisoner, Texas Rangers know bullshit when they smell it. Henry Lee Lucas reeked of it.

The Confession Killer was a violent vagabond, a drifter with zero propensity to control any impulse he felt. He definitively killed three people. …

The case exposed glaring problems in forensic science and what happens when biases taint an investigation.

“The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing.” — Publilius Syrus

Fear compelled her heart to build up to a terrifying and deadly 100 mph crescendo…

Shallow, rapid half gasps emanated from the 62-year-old widow as her skin turned a pallid blue… the Monster garroting her with steel wire from her kitchen.

Slow… FAST! … Slow… FAST! … Slow.

The hands of the Monster were possessed by the brute strength of a seasoned bare-knuckle boxer and the dexterity of an accomplished concert pianist — completely enveloped by fury spawned in the latter circles of hell.

FAST! (and…

Like the bank robbery in Heat times at least 10 and involving ‘human shields’ [that term is not a stretch here].

The residents of Araçatuba, Brazil were advised to not leave their homes on August 30. No one knew where — if anywhere — in the city was safe. Apparently, a heavily armed group of bank robbers were raising all kinds of hell just beyond the front door.

The band of brazen criminals blocked busy city streets with burning cars and buses. They also strategically placed drones throughout the city to facilitate their escape through monitoring police activity in real-time.

More than 20 years after his alleged reign of terror began, Roberto Wagner Fernandes, died in a plane crash. He was responsible for three murders over a 14-month stretch according to Broward County officials.

Kimberly Dietz-Livesey was found in a suitcase in Cooper City on June 22, 2000. Sia Demas would be found in a duffel bag at Dania Beach on Aug 9, 2000. Jessica Good would be found floating in Biscayne Bay only three weeks after Sia Demas.

All three victims unfortunately were addicts who hooked to get the cash they needed.

Fernandes lived in Miami despite being a…

Add to the Dumb Criminal File.

The heist happened at a store in an outlet mall in (where else?) Florida.

On August 26, Audrey Cobb, a Tommy Hilfiger store employee in Orlando noticed two suspicious persons in the store at around 7:12 PM.

Suspect one was described as “a black female, late 20’s to early ’30s, short, heavyset, wearing a white shirt, red shorts, and a black shower cap or bonnet.”

Suspect two was described as a 30- to 40-year-old black female, “thin build, short curly red hair” and wearing a gray outfit.

Both suspects had masks on during the…

In the ’80s in Calaveras County, sexually sadistic serial-killing, ex-marine duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng were raising all kinds of unspeakable hell.

The duo’s dynamic was a bizarre one. Lake was the psychotic alpha recruiting the submissive Ng to live with him in a mountainous region of Calaveras County, near a makeshift dungeon/torture chamber Lake had built from (of all places) a literary inspiration: English author John Fowles’ 1963 novel “The Collector”. In it, a disturbed young man kidnaps an art student and keeps her secluded in the basement of his country estate.

From their rural abode in Calaveras…

So far, the unknown suspect has knocked over at least six banks throughout New Mexico since early July.

The FBI is offering a cash reward (upped from $2,000` from July 28 to $5,000) for information leading to the apprehension of a sophisticated bank robber targeting financial institutions all over the state of New Mexico from early July till today.

The bandit’s M.O. is the old hat “demand note ” method — handing a threatening note to the teller demanding cash or something vile and horrible will happen.

The geographic and time schedules of the robberies are compelling to look at. …

They were conducting business inside a mobile home park.

A Florida investigation recently charged a married couple with multiple felonies in the state, all related to bad practices into how they operated their towing operation.

Michael (age 29) and Elissa Denn owned Strapped Towing, operating out of Mulberry. They were transacting business with Stoll Manor Mobile Home Park in Lakeland.

Mr. Denn was arrested in May for fatally shooting Juan Barroso-Muriel, 36-year-old and a customer of Strapped’s. Denn’s been cooling his heels in the Polk County Jail ever since, facing a second-degree murder charge.

The sheer number of other charges…

Wess Haubrich

Former Contributing editor … Host Real Monsters podcast. #crime , #truecrime

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