The Villisca Ax Murders House. Source:

The following is based on a true story.

I. Death Wielded an Ax

It was Children’s Night at Church that night. We kids looked forward to it all year. Getting to show off all we had learned in Sunday School that past year to our parents was always great fun…

“The feudal concept of self-preservation is poisoned at the core by the virulent assumption of master and man, of potentate and slave, of external and internal suppression of the life urge of the only one — of its faith in human sacrifice as a means of salvation.” — Louis Sullivan

Francisco de Goya, “The Witches’ Sabbath”, 1797–1798, Oil on Canvas. 43cm x 30cm. Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid.

The suspect.FBI

So far, the unknown suspect has knocked over at least six banks throughout New Mexico since early July.

The FBI is offering a cash reward (upped from $2,000` from July 28 to $5,000) for information leading to the apprehension of a sophisticated bank robber targeting financial institutions all over the state of New Mexico from early July till today.

The bandit’s M.O. is the old hat “demand note

Wess Haubrich

Former Contributing editor … Host Real Monsters podcast. #crime , #truecrime

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